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frequently asked questions Bearon aquatics
My Ice Eater runs intermittently? – or My Ice Eater keeps tripping the GFI?

Check the power cord for any nicks or cuts. Sometimes even the smallest nicks can cause a problem. Should you find a nick/cut, please replace the power cord. If that is not the case, then the seal or capacitor may have gone bad. If the seal is broken, that means water is getting into the can that holds the motor. In either case, send your IE in for repairs to us or another authorized service center.

My Ice Eater won’t start or is very slow to start. What is the problem?

There are three likely problems when this occurs:

  • If the motor runs at half speed, then the capacitor winding could be bad.
  • If it won’t start at all, check your power cord for bad connection/damage, check the GFI, or breaker – one of those things is probably causing the issue.
  • If you have to spin the propeller to get the Ice Eater to start, most likely the capacitor is bad.
My Ice Eater is sluggish/runs slow throughout the duration of the runtime I need?

Check the voltage in which you are plugging your equipment into, it needs to be the same as your equipment.

In your brochures, you state that the motors you put together use a “Synthetic Dielectric Lubricating Fluid” – what does that mean?

Basically, it means that if our fluid gets into your pond or other waterway, it will not harm your aquatic life. Oil spills are nasty and cause lots of damage so we use a non-toxic, biodegradable fluid that will evaporate in about 28 days depending on how much leaked into your water.

My Ice Eater stops running or runs much slower than normal when I plug in another machine, why?

Chances are your Ice Eater is sharing the same circuit as the other machine and that’s what is causing the problem. You need a dedicated line for an Ice Eater and the proper voltage to match. Plugging into outlets with lower Amps could cause a problem.

This is crazy; my Ice Eater is running backwards!

This happens from time to time – send it in for repairs because chances are the capacitor is going bad and the prop will come off.

I want to take my Bearon Aquatics equipment out of the water for a while, what’s the best way to store it?

Many of our products are best stored propeller side down. This is true for IE, our aerators, F500F, & F1000F. While you have it out of the water, it would also be a great time to give it a once over: make sure nothing is tangled around it (like fishing line), if you have sacrificial zinc it is a good time to see how eroded it has become. Give your equipment a bath to get rid of any gunk build-up for longer lasting equipment: definitely, clean the can! We recommend a degreaser (let it set for a few minutes) and then power wash the whole thing.

What are some general tips/tricks you all would share about the equipment?

We love to share, so here’s our advice:

  • Never try to open the motor can yourself; please let us do it properly at the warehouse or another authorized service center. This helps in not voiding your warranty and ensures that your motor gets a thorough once-over – we check everything.
  • Cool thing about us: If you have to buy a new motor for repair we renew the warranty!
  • Pull your equipment out of the water once in a while. Depending on your area this might be once per month to give it a good once-over: check for any nicks on the power cord, damage to the propeller, and how eroded your zincs have gotten. Debris and damages to the unit might cause the units to have reduced efficiency, ruin the bearings, or even stop working prematurely.
  • Every 4-5 years let us service your equipment – we want them in top condition and working hard for you for years to come.
How easy is your equipment to install? Are your products heavy?

We try to keep our equipment manageable. Here are some rough figures for you, but please don’t hesitate to ask for a closer estimate on specific pieces of equipment:

  • Ice Eater/Aerators weigh between 35 to 45lbs
  • Our larger hp Olympus Series Fountains weigh about 85lbs (this is without lights)
  • Ice Eaters with Mallard View Outdoors’ stand: around 68lbs** total. Josh at Mallard View Outdoors said that the contraption is a bit awkward but manageable for one person. He does lug his own Ice Eater around quite a bit.

**The lbs will vary based on hp, accessories, and length of power cord.

How do I know which products best fit the needs of my lake/pond?

Size, depth, and water conditions are only a few factors that will determine which of our products will best satisfy your ponds’ needs. With extensive knowledge and years of experience, our professionals will work with you. They know the right questions to ask and will easily determine which product, size, and application you need.

Do I need to hire a professional to install my fountain/aerator/I.E.?

All of our products require little or no assembly and can be installed by one person, if necessary. Some larger units may require 2 people and professional installation may be needed depending on the power hookup.

What’s my energy bill going to look like at the end of the month?

Every piece we build has a running Amperage of less than 10 Amps at 115V (divide running Amps in half for 230 Volt). Your specific application will determine how many hours a day you run and at which times.

Amps x Volts = Watts
Watts / 1000 = Kilowatts per Hour

How do I anchor my floating fountain or aerator?

We recommend using ½ cinder block tied to the rope and placed on pond/lake bottom firmly and at a 45° angle.

Can I run my fountain/aerator year round?

We recommend that you remove your equipment from the water during the freezing months and that you store it in a place where the temperature stays above freezing.

Can I get every Olympus pattern in every size fountain?

No, to ensure top performance and energy efficiency, we have made certain patterns exclusive to each particular size fountain. Check out *this page* for specifics.

What’s the advantage of having a dual propeller on my aerator?

Dual prop assemblies increase the aerator’s GPMs (Gallons Per Minute) by 25%. The design also stabilizes the position of the float more than a single prop and its umbrella pattern allows for a more aesthetically pleasing application of our lighting.

Still have a question?

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ, contact one of our team members. We are happy to help and will answer you shortly!

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