Fixed Base Vertical Shallow Pond Fountains

Product Overview

The costs of installation and maintenance of elaborate fountain systems in concrete ponds and decorative pools can become quite expensive. We’ve solved this issue by utilizing the simplistic nature of our low-cost, low-maintenance fountains. This fountain has a smaller footprint than the horizontal counterpart and allows for deeper depth.

fixed base fountain zeus

Vertical Fountain Assembly

  • Fixed base
  • Designed to run vertically
  • Good for shallow ponds
  • .33HP only
  • 3 nozzle options
  • Minimum depth 18”
  • Maximum depth 36” (w/ extension)
  • Available 115v or 230v

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Base Vertical Fountains FAQs

Do I need to hire a professional to install my fountain?

All of our products require little or no assembly and can be installed by one person, if necessary. Some larger units may require 2 people and professional installation may be needed depending on the power hookup.

Can I run my fountain year round?

We recommend that you remove your equipment from the water during the freezing months and that you store it in a place where the temperature stays above freezing.

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