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Product Overview

Our customer friendly, energy efficient Aerating Fountains are custom designed to agitate high volumes of water at the surface producing large, even goblets of spray in an eye-pleasing circular V-shaped pattern that can operate in as little as 14” to 18” of water.

Why Choose an Aerating Fountain?

  • Bearon Aquatic’s Aerating Fountains provide excellent aeration to any lake or pond while displaying a stunning circular-V shaped pattern.
  • Throwing large goblets of oxygen-depleted water as high as 6′ up and as far as 21′ out helps expose it to air and transfers it to areas in the pond that are also low on oxygen.
  • Comparable to many aerating fountains on the market, but uses half of the electrical power to operate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aerating Fountains FAQs

How do I anchor my aerating fountain?

We recommend using ½ cinder block tied to the rope and placed on pond/lake bottom firmly and at a 45° angle.

Do I need to hire a professional to install my aerating fountain?

All of our products require little or no assembly and can be installed by one person, if necessary. Some larger units may require 2 people and professional installation may be needed depending on the power hookup.

Want to learn more about aerating fountains?

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