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Protect your assets before the ice sets! Specify the best; specify Ice Eater!

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How the Ice Eater Works

The Ice Eater’s propeller draws up warmer subsurface water through our patented Venturi-styled housing and deflects it to the surface. By creating a constant circulation of the warmer subsurface water, the Ice Eater prevents further ice formation and melts existing ice. Moving water does not freeze.

Every complete Ice Eater unit includes the voltage and cord length you specified when ordering. Units are shipped in a single box and can be installed minutes after unboxing. The unit comes with a housed motor with the white patented Venturi shroud, brackets, propeller, sacrificial anode, quick-disconnect power cord, and mooring lines. Units work best when a minimum of 36″ of water is available, allowing for at least 12″ of clearance between the bottom of the river, lake, or pond.

Our slogan is “protect your assets before the ice sets.” It is better to run your Ice Eater BEFORE a freeze to get the best results and the largest area of open water. Waiting until the ice has already formed means more work for you and the unit. Your time is valuable, and you worked hard to purchase the dock and boat of your dreams, protect them. Don’t wait until you have to cut a hole in the ice and work with frozen fingers to set the unit to its perfect position.

Additional accessories are available to make your unit even more efficient. Consider a thermostat to detect dropping temperatures, automatically have your Ice Eater turn on and off. Units come standard with mooring lines, but consider a dock mount upgrade for easier maneuvering.

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When You Should Use the Ice Eater

The Ice Eater is used to protect your docks, piers, marinas, and boats from ice and ice damage. Ice can twist your dock and even completely pull pilings out of the ground without protection from the Ice Eaters. Some boat owners pull their boats from the water during the winter months, costing them wrapping fees and storage. Pulling a boat is a major time commitment. Another option is to use an Ice Eater to protect your boats during the winter, preventing ice scratches and punctures on the coldest days. This allows you, your friends, and your family the ability to take advantage of those unseasonably warm winter days and go for that surge of the moment high seas adventure. You can’t get back on your boat at a moment’s notice if it’s been stored away. The 1Hp Ice Eater can clear an area as large as 80′ to protect your assets before the ice sets.

Why Should I Buy the Ice Eater?

  • Patented Venturi design creates superior water flow and direction
  • Engineered for high performance AND energy efficiency
  • Environmentally-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Dialectric Fluid
  • Standard unit allows for five (5) de-icing patterns with no additional hardware
  • Bronze Endbell ensures long-life with no cracking or warping
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Shroud protects the propeller and motor
  • 3-Year Warranty

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