The Ice Eater

The Ice Eater is designed to prevent ice from forming around boats, marinas, docks, and piers.

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About The Ice Eater

Developed over 40 years ago, the Bearon Aquatics’ Ice Eater is the original de-icer. American-made, the Ice Eater is a dependable, affordable, and energy-efficient “insurance policy” for marinas, waterfront property, and boat owners.

Key Differentiators

key differentiators

The original de-icer

Over 40 years of improvements

key differentiators

Patented housing design

Provides superior water flow

key differentiators

All in one device

No additional hardware required

Ice Eater (Full Unit)

The Ice Eater’s propeller draws up warmer subsurface water through our patented Venturi-styled housing and deflects it to the surface.

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Parts and Accessories for Ice Eater

View all parts and accessories for the Ice Eater, including aluminum brackets, dock mounts, and propellers.

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