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floating fountains

Product Overview

Our floating display fountains offer elegance to your pond with a choice of ten beautiful patterns. Our exceptional design and construction can produce stunning patterns with significantly less horsepower and amperage than our competitors, which means lower operating costs for you.

Out of the box, and into the water, each unit is shipped ready to install and easy to maintain.

floating fountain Aphrodite nozzle

Floating Fountain Assembly

  • Floating base (anchored)
  • Good for larger ponds
  • .33HP, .5HP, & 1HP motors available
    in 115V or 230V
  • 1.5HP & 3HP motors available in 230V
  • Multiple nozzle options
  • Minimum depth 36”
  • No maximum depth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Floating Fountains FAQs

How do I anchor my floating fountain or aerator?

We recommend using ½ cinder block tied to the rope and placed on pond/lake bottom firmly and at a 45° angle.

Can I run my fountain/aerator year round?

We recommend that you remove your equipment from the water during the freezing months and that you store it in a place where the temperature stays above freezing.

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