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Bring the beauty and power of Olympus gods and goddesses to your pond or lake.

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Product Overview

Launched in 2012, Bearon Aquatics crossed over into the decorative water feature market. We introduced the floating Olympus Fountains — named after the gods and goddesses of ancient myths known for their power and beauty. These decorative floating Olympus Fountains are a sure-fire way to bring elegance to your lake or pond with a choice of ten (10) unique patterns. Our exceptional design and construction can produce stunning patterns with significantly less horsepower and amperage than our competitors, which means lower operating costs for you.

Off the pallet and into the water, each fountain ships ready to install and easy to maintain.

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How Do Floating Olympus Fountains Work?

Supported by a large round float, the Olympus Fountain is best anchored to the bottom of your lake or pond with cinder blocks attached to the provided mooring lines. Olympus Fountains are ready to run in just a few minutes. A powerful, energy-efficient motor and pump provide the right height and diameter spray pattern to suit your needs. Motors available range in size: .33HP, .5HP, 1HP, 1.5HP and 3HP. Every body of water is unique: we have designed ten (10) different nozzles, giving you the ability to pick your favorite spray pattern. Your favorite nozzle will come with the pre-assembled fountain right to your door – no tools are required. Can’t decide on your favorite, why not snag a few nozzles? Change your fountain any time you like; it’s as simple as changing a lightbulb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Floating Fountains FAQs

How do I anchor my floating fountain or aerator?

We recommend using ½ cinder block tied to the rope and placed on pond/lake bottom firmly and at a 45° angle.

Can I run my fountain/aerator year round?

We recommend that you remove your equipment from the water during the freezing months and that you store it in a place where the temperature stays above freezing.

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