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 About Power House Aeration

Power House Aerators and Fountains from Bearon Aquatics are ideal for keeping your pond clean while also protecting the vulnerable ecosystem within it. Our customer friendly, energy efficient Aerating Fountains are custom designed to agitate high volumes of water at the surface producing large, even goblets of spray in an eye-pleasing circular V-shaped pattern that can operate in as little as 14” to 18” of water.

Key Differentiators

key differentiators


25 years+ lifespan

key differentiators

Energy efficient

Save on power consumption

Surface Aerators

Unique in design and outlasting competitors’ models, the surface aerator degasses your water to remove nutrients that cause algae and weeds.

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Aerating Fountains

Bearon Aquatics’ Aerating Fountains provide excellent aeration to any lake or pond while displaying a stunning circular-V shaped pattern.

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Flo-Gen is a single propeller unit strictly dedicated to horizontal flow that aids in cleaning out marinas and narrow canals.

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Parts and Accessories for Power House Aeration

View all Power House Aeration parts and accessories, including lights, floats, and more.

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