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Aluminum Alloy Anode

Sacrificial Aluminum Alloy Anode protects the Ice Eater against corrosion and electrolysis.
This anode is an absolute must-have for salt and brackish water applications.
No Additional Tools Required – Allen Wrench is included.

One Size Fits All Ice Eaters and all off-brand de-icers with a 1/2″ shaft.
P/N 24901

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Protect your Ice Eater from Electrolysis

Aluminum Alloy Anodes are a sacrificial metal with one purpose; to prevent and deter corrosion of underwater metals in the Ice Eater and other off-brand de-icers.
Inspect the Aluminum Anode periodically (at least every 2-3 months) for deterioration and/or corrosion.
You must replace the Aluminum Anodes when it has been reduced to half of the original size (original size – 1.5″ Diamater x 1.25″ Tall).
Failure to operate the Ice Eater with the anode could result in deterioration and contamination of the Ice Eater metals and may void your warranty.

Aluminum is Better than Zinc
  • Aluminum Anodes are the best choice of sacrificial anodes for all water types.
  • Proven to last longer than Zinc Anodes due to increased capacity.
  • Zinc Anodes, when used in fresh or brackish water, are prone to developing a calcareous coating. This layer of calcium carbonate appears whitish and essentially puts a zinc anode to sleep. Many watermen mistakenly perceive these especially “long-lived” zinc anodes to be effective.
  • Unlike Zinc Anodes, Aluminum Anodes have zero cadmium in the alloy, making Aluminum Anodes environmentally friendly and suitable for all uses.
  • Aluminum Alloy Anodes are manufactured to meet or exceed US Military Specification MIL-A-24779(SH)
Size Guide

One size fits all Ice Eaters and all off-brand de-icers with a 1/2″ shaft.

Installation Guide

Allen wrench included with Aluminum Anode.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in

Install Instructions

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