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Sludge Remover Bacteria

Sludge Remover comes in a 10 lb. pail containing 3-gram pellets.

Features & Benefits

  • Degrades bottom sludge (muck layer)
  • Increases water clarity by degrading suspended solids
  • Reduce odors caused by sludge and muck build-up
  • Considered BSL 1. Eco-friendly!
  • A blend of 7 different Bacillus cultures
  • 1 billion CFU/gram microbes will double in count about every half hour


This all-natural formulation contains beneficial bacteria that is ideal for treating bottom sludge.

These dissolvable pellets contain no harsh chemicals and are formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Our blend of 7 different bacteria species is made to compensate for all of the varying environmental conditions the product will face in different ponds.

*We recommend using 2-4 lbs. per surface acre every 2-4 weeks.  For initial dosages or problem ponds, the dosage can be doubled.