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Shallow Water Stand

The Shallow Water Stand is a robust yet portable, stand-alone solution for deicing, weed control, decoy movement, and surface aeration. This stand is compatible with Ice Eater and Weeds Away! Ideal for locations with water depth as little as 18”, places with no docks or pilings to tie off, and this stand is fully adjustable.

Use with Ice Eaters during the winter months for deicing and waterfowl hunting. The stand allows Ice Eaters to have a 2′ vertical travel (up and down), a full 360° rotation, & 90° tilt.

Use Weeds Away in the summer to control aquatic weeds/muck, create a current to prevent stagnation, or use it as an aerator to create a healthier, oxygen-rich environment. The stand allows Weeds Away to have a 2′ vertical travel (up and down), a 45° left or right rotation, & 45° tilt.

Purchase as an add-on to a new unit or can be retrofitted to Bearon Aquatics units you already have.

Handles are on each side for ease of movement with a friend.

Stand Weight: 63 lbs

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The Shallow Water Stand is a Premium Option for Positioning Your Ice Eater® or Weeds Away Unit
  • Manufactured by Bearon Manufacturing, LLC with powder-coated steel components
  • Easy to assemble and install; year-round application
  • 2’ vertical travel; perfect for shallow water applications; minimum water depth 18”
  • Shallow Water Stand: Part Number 75015
  • Compatible with Ice Eater: P750 & P1000; Weeds Away: W750, WS750, W1000, & WS100

Additional information

Weight 63 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 60 × 26 in