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Blue Pond Dye

Provide an aesthetically pleasing Caribbean Blue appearance with this 51% concentrated pond dye designed for use in large ponds and lakes.

Features & Benefits

  • 32. Fl oz of concentrated Lake Dye
  • Does not stain birds, fish, plants, pets, or wildlife when applied at the recommended rate
  • Non-toxic
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Helps add shade for aquatic life


Professional Strength Blue Pond Dye creates an appealing Caribbean blue water that helps shade pond fish and is ideal for recreational ponds, farm ponds, golf course ponds, ornamental ponds, retention ponds, and irrigation ponds.

One 32 fl. Oz. bottle treats one acre of water 3′ to 6′ deep and this dye is compatible with most aquatic algaecides and herbicides.